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14 January
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I'm a geeky computer fanboy.
I am gainfully employed.
I'm getting old.
I'm getting more and more curmudgeony with age.
I want to live forever (or at least choose the time of my passing)

I love computers, and I mean it litlerally.
I love games.
I love swords.
I love chess, even if I am crap at it.
I love the LFC

I like science fiction movies, books and tv shows.
I like reading about military history.
I like retro games, I collect old hardware, mainly to drive my wife crazy.
I like soccer (actually Football).
I like sf conventions, even if I've only been to Swancon.
I like poker.

I have a number of complaints, but I'm not complaining, Life is sweet and good.

It took me 17 years to get my computer science degree.
I plan to get some qualifications in physics, if only to prove to myself that I can.

I believe in a higher power, but I'm not sure that the Human Intellect can divine or encompass their plans.
I believe that Science is the answer to the worlds ills.
I belive that the future will be wonderful.
I believe in human cloning, space exploration, eternal youth and nano scale manufacture.
I believe that copyright does not work.
I believe in opensource software.

I have the most beautiful, charming and amazingly intelligent wife conceived by God. I awaken every day a little bit more in love and little bit more in awe of her.

I have wonderful sister and she has two terrific childen, my favourite nephews. Rascals at times, they are growing up into wonderful and thoughful men.

I have a puppy, a jack russel terrier, named Count Dracula. He bites a lot, but he is very cute and adorable.

I don't like working for other people
I don't like crowds
I don't like current political thinking
I don't like current copyright laws
I don't like political correctness

I hate the DRM
I hate monopoloies
I hate greedy men

I don't believe in pacifism
I don't believe in the free market